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Established in late 2015 in Kerala (spice capital/gods own country), we primarily focus on supercritical co2 extraction of spices, herbs, and florals along with agricultural production. We offer 150 plus co2 extracts, including natural colors and specialty compounds.

Our facility is ISO 22000:2005 as well as Kosher and Halal certified. Our raw materials are collected from our own farm as well as from handpicked suppliers who work with us. Each batch of products our customers’ purchase will receive GCMS/SDS of corresponding items.

We are equipped to furnish the items listed depending on raw material availability, but if you have any specific needs kindly contact us directly.

We are also giving consultations for projects involving extractions and farming especially aqua farming.


Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) tech has a lot of applications, whether it’s F&F, Nanoparticle, or nutraceutical naming few. CO2 extraction takes advantage of the phase changes that can be employed with variations in temperature and pressure of CO2. This tunable nature of CO2 helps to extract differential weight components of the biomass used as raw material. This method of extraction gives a far more superior, unaltered, and highly consistent product when compared to other methods of extraction. CO2 here acts as a sanitizing agent and improves the shelf life of the final product as such